Abbi A Allan

My work is a visual expression of the fragility of living things inspired by the world's biological forms via observation, accumulation, vulnerability, scale, beauty, compassion, life, living and loss.
I choose the moments that we tend to overlook due to scale or prevalence in nature, and celebrate them in an art space where we have the time and the mental space to reflect on what our ecology and being mean to the living individual. I am rendering what exists, because as it exists in size and social-status miss-applied to the world, has left them invisible.
At the same time, I also like to reverse this state of observation into an introspective - personal view; creating scenes that re-contextualize humanoid forms into personifications of the viral and anti-bodied warriors. Inspired some place between the Chinese “Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses”, the Egyptian Ushabtis’, and even Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls, these figures become my personal warriors rebelling against the accumulated assaults on the delicate bodies of the living, to the deformed and mistreated, they are defenders for each of us. Their images come from other sources, which I start with as reference and then evolve and combine, into a new context. I do this because I think we can recognize the potential in all of us to become this great protectors and defenders.
In the end, I create a world that is constructed on the strength in living things which is universal – The power to persist despite all odds from the external – I choose to express that condition, and celebrate it’s determination.