Portfolio > Commercial work

These are works that are made with a commercial audience in mind. I do this work to "play". Seeing the majority of my work focuses on environmental and social issues, sometimes it is nice just to sit back and make things just for the joy of making them.

My draw-print-paintings, are where I can play with color and movement on the original image, and play with scale as well. I really prefer to draw small, but this forced me to at least get my arms moving. One day - big drawings.

The wall hanging ceramics over the years people have expressed a deep connection with. Especially the dragonflies. As a kid, most of my clay work was figurative, so this is a fun place to just work on my skills and do something that seems to bring a lot of joy to people. Sometimes the best way to change the world is with a smile, so that's why I make these

The jewelry work comes from my love of science and in particular scientific journals from the 1960's and 1970's. The diagrams were more complex, the articles more detailed and best of all -a lot of excitement about going to the moon. I hope these inspire a bit of that excitement in others.